Software, AI and IoT

With a volatile regulatory environment around information technology and data privacy in the country, the IT sector is fraught with a profound feeling of vulnerability vis a vis alignment of their operations with the regulatory frameworks of several jurisdictions. The attorneys at the Firm not only have extensive litigation experience in areas of interest such as information technology but have a first-hand experience as members of in-house privacy consultants. Thus, t

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Our Industry Sectors

Beyond Technology, Media and Telecom, TMT Law Practice serves a wide variety of diverse industry sectors and its legal challenges, from more conventional BFIS and Infrastructure to the new age Technological and StartUp sectors.

Our Practice Areas

Beyond Intellectiual Property Rights, you can rely on TMT Law Practice for diverse Legal competencies from Arbitration to Litigation and from Corporate Disputes to Competition Law, White Collar Crimes, Contracts, Data Privacy and Public Policy to name a few, those we have been serving for a iconic brands and businesses, ever since.

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